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Friday class: 10:00am

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Join our group classes and learn the art of Muay Thai from our experienced instructors.

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Class Schedule

Monday 10:00am • 7:30pm • 8:30pm
Tuesday 8:30pm
Wednesday 10:00am • 8:30pm
Thursday 8:30pm
Friday 10:00am
Saturday 12:00pm

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Whether this is the first time you’ve ever thrown a punch or if you’ve thrown thousands…
Everyone is welcome!

About Sick Side

Sick Side Muay Thai Los Angeles started in 2019. The roots trace back to one of the most prestigious Muay Thai camps in Thailand known as Sityodtong created by Yodtong Senanan.

Although our traditional style is used by our fighters today we've added modern day techniques such as head movement, shifting stances and boxing techniques just to name a few. We believe in merging the traditional style of Muay Thai and today's techniques to bridge the gap between the generations of the past and present.

Sick Side Muay Thai is one of the most versatile gyms in the greater Los Angeles area, it's a great fit for those looking to get in shape for general fitness or to compete in battle. Our unique classes cater to beginners and advanced students, which makes it possible for individuals of different levels to partner up with one another.

Practice a martial art while getting in shape.
Build technique & Develop confidence.

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